Cardiovascular Workforce in Other Countries

Countries Year Title Author(s) DOI
Poland 2020 Inequality in the distribution of healthcare human resources in Poland Justyna Rój
US 2019 2019 ACC Health Policy Statement on Cardiologist Compensation and Opportunity Equity Douglas et al.
US 2019 Do we have the ACHD physician resources we need to care for the burgeoning ACHD population? Ezzeddine et al.
Peru 2018 Lack of access to paediatric cardiology services in the public health system in four major urban centres in Perú Altamirano-Diaz et al.
Nigeria 2017 Audit of availability and distribution of paediatric cardiology services and facilities in Nigeria Ekure et al.
US 2016 The supply and demand of the cardiovascular workforce: Striking the right balance Narang et al.
China 2016 A survey of national cardiology workforce in China Yanjun Gong and Yong Huo
US 2011 US Cardiologist Workforce From 1995 To 2007: Modest Growth, Lasting Geographic Maldistribution Especially in Rural Areas Aneja et al.


Cardiology Workforce Crisis Shortage or Surplus?


Joseph E. Marine
US 2009 ACC 2009 survey results and recommendations: Addressing the cardiology workforce crisis Rodgers, et al.

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